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4 Surefire Ways To Safely Tow Your Damaged Vehicle

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No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, unexpected breakdowns could leave you scrambling for a way to get your car to the shop or back home. In addition, accidents often disable vehicles badly enough to necessitate tow services. After all, attempting to limp broken vehicles home puts yourself and other people on the road at risk. Learning about all of the towing options before you need them can reduce stress when an incident occurs. Here are the four main tow options available for disabled vehicles. Strap A tow strap allows you to pull...

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What To Do If You Witness A Hit-And-Run Accident

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Witnessing a crime can be difficult for anyone, and hit-and-run accidents can be particularly traumatizing to everyone involved. Lots of information is available to both victims and perpetrators of hit-and-run accidents, but little is available for those witnessed them. Here is a quick list of things you can do to help solve a hit-and-run case, catch the crook, and, in general, save the day. Be an Observant Witness If you witness a crime taking place, the best thing you can do is be an observant witness. Hit-and-run accidents are no exception...

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