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Ideas for Personalized Water Bottle Labels for a Child’s Birthday Party

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When you’re planning the look of your child’s upcoming birthday party, you’ll likely be looking for cups, napkins, and decoration items that reflect the theme. A valuable way to make the party even more special is to order custom water bottle labels. While many companies use these labels when they provide bottles of water at trade shows and other events, some creativity and advance planning on your part can definitely make the party even more special. As soon as your child identifies the party theme that he or she wants, you can move forward with contacting a custom labeling company and start designing your labels. Here are some ideas to keep in mind. Details About the Event You’ll likely want to peel off a label or two after the birthday party to keep in your family scrapbook, so it’s especially important that the water bottle labels include specific details about the event. Make sure to include the date, year, and location of the party, as well as the theme or occasion being celebrated. For example, you might write, “Samantha’s 5th Birthday Princess Party” or “David’s 7th Birthday Mega Monster Truck Party.” Pick Graphics & Colors That Reflect the Theme You want your water bottle labels to fit in with the theme of the birthday party, so give some thought to the design. For a princess-themed party, for example, you may wish to select a font that looks regal, or use graphics such as tiaras, magic wands, diamonds, and other sparkly objects around the label. Selecting a label in pink, silver, or gold will also likely suit these theme. For a monster truck party, for example, consider graphic elements of flags, truck tires, monster trucks, and perhaps even a black-and-white checker style to reflect the checkered flag waved at motor sports events. Include a Fun Element Think about the games that you’ll be hosting at the party and see if you can include some related element on the water bottle labels. For example, if you’re playing a scavenger hunt, see if there’s room to list 10 or 15 different items that make up the scavenger hunt on the rear of the label. Or, you might simply want to include a riddle or a joke that the children will enjoy reading. Another idea is to include the names of the attendees, provided that they’ve RSVPed early enough in advance of the party. For more ideas for personalized water bottle labels, contact companies like Great Canadian Water...

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Grab Customers’ Attention With A Well-Designed Sign

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One of the most important things you can do to make your business stand out is to craft a memorable sign — without an eye-catching sign, customers may not even know your business is there. This can be difficult to do, however, because compelling, memorable signage involves a perfect storm of several components, and your sign will have to compete with other visuals in the immediate environment. Following are several strategies designed to help you create the best possible sign for your business. Your Sign Should Be Sharp and Simple Business signs that are too busy don’t stand out because there is simply too much going on. Attempting to provide too much information overwhelms the average person and potentially causes confusion about the products and services your business provides. Those catching a glimpse of your sign should be able to tell right away what type of business you run. A good sign doesn’t try to be understated and clever — your sign needs clean lines, perhaps a bit of drama, and a clear message. For instance, if you own and operate a pet grooming business, potential customers should be able to recognize that immediately upon seeing your sign for the first time. Keep fonts simple and strong, and don’t use background colors that blur the focus of the sign’s main text and design. The letters on the sign should be as large as possible to provide for easy visibility. Your Sign Should Contrast Its Surroundings Your sign will be overlooked if it blends in too well with its surroundings. Use contrasting colors to draw the human eye, and place it in the area where it’s most likely to be noticed. For instance, placing signs too high may cause them be misses by passing motorists because drivers tend to notice things more that are level with their windshields. Unusual design elements such as the use of 3-D provides significant visual interest. Offbeat, quirky designs often work well because they’re noticeable. Placing your sign in an area where it’s set apart from visual clutter also helps make it more noticeable. If that’s not possible, consider unusual placement to make it stand out. If other signage in the immediate area are square or rectangular, for instance, make yours round or diamond-shaped. Your Sign Should Include a Call to Action Calls to action provide consumers with motivation to try your products or services. It can be as simple as a short text message under your main graphic encouraging customers to step inside your business. If you own and operate a restaurant that serves excellent biscuits and gravy, a simple message about how delicious they are can serve as a call to action. You can also provide a visual call to action — for instance, an effective sign for a dog grooming business would have an uncomplicated line drawing of a scruffy, ungroomed dog with a sad look on its face next to a drawing of the same dog after its been freshly groomed and sporting a happy smile. This sort of sign needs no text at all except the name and telephone number of your business. Your Sign Should Be Professionally Designed Even if you, your girlfriend, or your cousin’s best friend is an excellent amateur artist, a professionally designed sign is an...

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Relocate Your Business To Canada And Thrive

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According to, Canada ranks number 1 on the list of Best Countries for Business. If you’re running a business in the U.S., you could have something to gain by considering relocating your facilities. Read on to learn three reasons why Canada is a thriving ground for companies relocating from the U.S. Lower Corporate Taxes Recently, the second largest burger chain in America paid $11 billion to acquire an existing restaurant chain in Canada. Why so much? Because Canada’s low tax rates will help them achieve more of a profit than is possible on U.S. soil. The United States strongly taxes corporations. In fact, when you factor in national, state, and city taxes, United States businesses pay more than businesses in any other of the 34 countries charted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) — roughly 39 percent, to be exact. In Canada, however, corporate taxes average just over 26 percent; that’s a pretty big profit boost for any U.S. business willing to make the move north. Protection Of Property Rights Studies show a big correlation between government policies to protect property rights and economic success. While relocating your business to any other OECD member country besides the United States will yield lower tax rates, Canada’s ranking on the International Property Rights Index makes it a better choice than most of the rest. The index takes into account the legal and political environments, physical property rights, and intellectual property rights of every country and ranks then on a scale of 1-10. In the most recent ranking, Canada’s property rights protection policies were dubbed 9th best in the world. What does this mean for your company? It means you’ll have an easier time registering your business than you would in most other countries, easier access to loans, and better patent and copyright protection than you would in most other countries. In short, by moving your company to Canada, you’ll be able to run your business in a country that greatly respects your right to own that business. U.S. Healthcare Penalties As specified in the Affordable Care Act, employers with 50 or more employees can expect steep financial penalties starting in 2015 if they don’t offer their employees proper healthcare coverage. More specifically, any employee who works more than 30 hours a week, 130 hours a month, or 120 days in a year must be offered healthcare coverage at a cost that does not exceed 9.5 percent of their household income. This coverage must also extend to any dependents the employees have, up to the age of 26 years old.  Even if you don’t have 50 employees, this level of regulation requires extensive planning and should be important to you if you ever plan to expand your company. How much are those fees you’d have to pay if you don’t get your healthcare coverage up to par? $2,000 – $3000 per employee, per year, depending on how many lack coverage and how many have coverage that doesn’t meet the full requirements. Canada doesn’t require employers to provide their employees with healthcare insurance. Every citizen is guaranteed care, and that care is funded by tax dollars (which, as pointed out in the first section of this article, are cheaper for businesses in Canada than they are for those the United...

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Reassigned To Another Job After Returning From Maternity Leave? What Are Your Options?

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If you’ve recently returned from maternity leave, you may have been dismayed to learn that you’ve been reassigned to another division or job, and that your temporary replacement has been made a permanent employee in your absence. Is this legal? What can you do if you feel your new job isn’t a good fit for your skills or personality, or if you’re worried about losing out on future benefits and promotions by continuing in your new position? Read on to learn more about your labor rights after you’ve taken pregnancy and/or parental leave. Can your employer reassign you to another job after you return from leave? In most cases, your employer is required to return you to the same job you had before you took pregnancy or parental leave. However, for some positions, hiring a temporary replacement may not be feasible. If one or more coworkers assumed some of your job duties while you were gone, the official description of the positions of all involved may have changed enough so that your old job no longer technically exists. In this case, it may be legal for your employer to reassign you to a “comparable” position, as long as you’re provided the same level of pay and other benefits as you received in your old position. However, if your employer did hire a temporary employee to perform most of your duties while you were gone, it commits a violation of the Employment Standards Act if it chooses to reassign you while your old job is being filled by someone else. Your employer can’t move you simply because it likes your replacement more (even if your replacement is objectively better at the job). What should you do if you aren’t happy with your new position? If you believe your employer has violated the relevant labor laws by reassigning you, your first step should be to file an official grievance. You may also want to consult a labor attorney to fully explore your options, including reinstatement into the old position, a generous severance package while you look for a new job, or a punitive settlement. However, if this action was otherwise legal but simply placed you in a new job with which you’re dissatisfied, you may still have a few options. If you’re a member of a labor union, this union may be able to provide you with an official appeal procedure, and may even be able to negotiate on your behalf to either return to your old job or to be assigned to a division and job of your choice (and for which you have the requisite skills). If you don’t have the protection of a labor union, you’ll likely need to perform these negotiations yourself. In many cases, this reassignment may not have been performed out of malice, but simply to ensure the most efficient coverage of certain job duties. Your employer also has a vested interest in keeping good, productive employees happy. Whether solo or with the assistance of an attorney or supervisor, you may be able to negotiate for a promotion or to be placed back into a job more similar to your old position. And if your employer isn’t able to do much when it comes your actual duties, it may be able to provide you with...

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4 Ways To Keep Rodent Problems Out Of Your Business

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The reputation of your business depends greatly on the way customers are treated, both by employees and your actual business location. Even though it’s hard to control, the invasion of rodents or pests can affect the way customers view the cleanliness of your company. Instead of letting the rodent problem persist, there are four ways you can help eliminate the pests without drawing a lot of attention to it. After working with pest control companies through the following four methods, you can eliminate the rodents and keep your reputation at the same time. Trap Alternatives The presence of mouse traps or sticky pads can be an eye sore for any potential customer entering your business. Instead of using these devices, you can work with pest control workers on some trap alternatives. Exterior Prevention: Pest control workers can use a variety of chemicals or tools on the exterior of the building. This will help prevent the rodents from entering in the first place. Sound Control Devices: Small and hard to see, sound control devices emit a high-pitched sound to deter pests from your business. They can be placed in attic, storage areas or even exterior locations of your business. Electric Traps: Instead of using the traditional mouse trap, an electric mouse trap is completely enclosed. This means that no dead rodents will be seen and the device allows you to quickly dispose of the pests. Off-Hour Visits No matter how big or small your rodent problem is, having a pest company visit during business hours can distract customers. As you plan a pest control appointment, it’s important to schedule for a time when customers will not be present. Work with the company to schedule an appointment either before or after your business is closed. Not only will it keep customers from jumping to conclusions about your pest problems, but it will give the pest control workers plenty of space to work around your whole business. Another alternative is to hire the company for a day that your business is closed. This can prevent any customers showing up at the same time as the pest control company. Rodent Breeding One of the biggest steps in keeping rodents from your business is stopping the nests and births of rodents in your business. Smaller rodents are more prone to explore and go out into the open. This can cause customer awareness and a bad reputation for your business. One of the main goals of a pest company is to prevent the rodent problem from expanding. This is why they will often focus on nesting areas in your business. The rodent nests will be eliminated so that the population growth is stopped. During the winter, these areas will likely be warm spots found within the walls or ceilings of your business. Rodents are naturally drawn to these spots and many methods will be used to eliminate them before the invasion becomes so big that customers notice. Cleaning Services Professional cleaning services are a good idea to use in conjunction with the pest services. Mice and rats are often drawn to food or dirty areas where they can scavenge for food. A professional cleaning service will help eliminate these attractants for the pests and can make your business look better than ever. This of type...

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Protect Your Hands With Gloves When Cleaning Gutters This Spring

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Gutter cleaning is a routine part of home maintenance that should be done twice a year, during early fall and spring according to Redbeacon. This regular maintenance item, however, should not be underestimated. While many homeowners who clean their own gutters are aware of the hazards posed by ladders and climbing on roofs, the dangers of cuts and scrapes are often ignored. When you go to clean out your gutters this spring, be sure to protect your hands with gloves. The Hazards of Cleaning Gutters While cleaning out gutters, you will reach down and grab a mess of debris to scoop out. Often, you won’t be able to see everything you are grabbing. There are two unseen dangers you should be wary of, in particular. First, as you reach into your gutters to clean out their rotten contents, you are exposing your hands to any mold or bacteria that may be in them. By the time spring comes, most homes’ gutters are full of dead leaves and twigs that have been sitting in snow and ice since the previous fall. As the snow and ice melt, the dead matter begins to rot, creating an environment for bacteria and mold to grow in. Bird droppings, rodent’s waste and insects only make the fermenting mixture grosser and more likely to have harmful microscopic spores. Second, you are also at risk of being cut by any sharp metal edges that may be in your gutter. These are more common on older gutters that are beginning to rust, but even recently installed gutters can have a metal edge that sticks out. If there’s a lot of leaves and other material in your gutters, you might not be able to see whether there’s a dangerous metal edge in your gutter. Protection Against These Hazards Gloves will not provide complete protection against these hazards, but they are an effective first line of defense against both microscopic germs and sharp metal edges. For the best protection, you will need to different types of gloves. Rubber or latex gloves form an impermeable layer that water, bacteria and mold cannot penetrate. A pair of these gloves, as long as there are no holes in them, will keep your skin from coming in direct contact with any harmful microscopic organisms living in your gutters. When selecting a pair of rubber or latex gloves, you should look for ones that go well up your arm, even to your elbow. The should cover any skin that might be exposed to the material you are cleaning out. Kitchen gloves used for washing dishes are a good choice. Rubber and latex gloves provide little protection against metal edges, however. Cotton work gloves will keep your hands from being cut by metal edges. They will also help prevent sharp pieces of metal from tearing your rubber or latex gloves, which would let water into where your hands are. Cotton work gloves often fit over more snug rubber or latex gloves easily. Also, it is less important to find a pair of cotton gloves that extend high up on your arm. You will primarily reach with your hand, making your fingers and thumbs the most likely places you will be cut by metal edges. Therefore, it is most important to make sure they are protected...

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5 Unique Ways To Use Promotional Products As Business Cards

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When trying to make an impact on a potential employer or business associate, one of the easiest ways to do it is with a memorable business card. Instead of handing out the standard pieces of cardboard, promotional products offer great ways to upgrade your business card. The following five items can feature all of your personal contact information and will help make an impact on anyone you give your business card to. There are many options to choose from for the business card designs. Each one applies to a variety of employers that you may be seeking. USB Drives Instead of giving out a printed resume, place your whole work history and portfolio onto a custom promotional USB drive. The outer case of the USB drive can be customized in a number of ways, including the design of the drive, the colors your select, and the text you choose to have printed on it. To keep with the design of the business card, it’s a good idea to look at flat credit card styled USB drives. The USB connector flips out of the driver and provides an easy connections to computers. The drives do not have to have a lot of storage space either. One gigabyte of space is more than enough to hold multiple documents and images as needed. Pen Gift Sets Give out a professional promotional product that will get used and noticed by the employers you hand it to. Basic promotional pens and pencils are common, but you can make a slight upgrade with a pen gift set. In a gift set, the pen will be packaged in a custom box. This allows you to display all of your business card information on both the case and the pen. The extra addition of the gift box will show that more effort was put into the product and can help make yourself look better to business clients. Personal Toiletries If you’re attending business expos and conventions in vacation destinations, then there are specific promotional products that can be used as a business cards. These toiletries will not only get used during the convention, but they will be brought home by the professionals you give them to. Sunscreen: Small bottles of sunscreen can come with your contact information and image printed right on the bottle. This is ideal for tropic or warm weather business conventions. Lip Balm: A customized lip balm can get placed right in the pocket or purse of someone you are giving contact information to. Hand Sanitizer Key Chain: A small hand sanitizer features a custom logo and can attach directly to key chains, backpacks, or purses. Phone Chargers Almost everyone in the business world is connected through smart phones, tablets, or other wireless devices. Keeping those devices charged is important, and you can give out a business card that is printed directly on a USB port charger. A USB port charger features an open USB port so a majority of phone cables will work with the charger. There are various charger designs including wall outlet chargers, computer expansion ports, and car ports. The car ports are the smallest, but still feature plenty of room for names, addresses, and email contact information. Candy & Treats Provide a business card that is also a tasty treat....

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4 Surefire Ways To Safely Tow Your Damaged Vehicle

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No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, unexpected breakdowns could leave you scrambling for a way to get your car to the shop or back home. In addition, accidents often disable vehicles badly enough to necessitate tow services. After all, attempting to limp broken vehicles home puts yourself and other people on the road at risk. Strap A tow strap allows you to pull your vehicle back home or to the shop using a slightly larger vehicle. The vehicle towing your disabled car should have enough engine and brake power to handle the increased load. In addition, it is important to ride in your car to activate the brakes as necessary to take some of the load off the lead vehicle. Although you can legally use a tow strap to move a disabled vehicle, it is generally recommended for short distances and lightweight vehicles. Dolly Like the tow straps, the dolly is another option that does not require help from a professional. Unless you own one of these devices, you will need to rent it from an equipment rental provider. As a result, you should only consider using a dolly if your vehicle is not putting others in danger or at risk of being towed by the authorities. The dolly attaches to a vehicle with a strong hitch and enough power to support the entire weight of your vehicle while accelerating, cornering and stopping. When using this piece of equipment, it is extremely important to follow all of the hookup and transport directions exactly. For example, you must utilize the included light system to alert other drivers while turning and braking to prevent accidents. If you’re uncomfortable about this process, or don’t think your tow vehicle has enough power, consider calling a tow professional for assistance instead. Truck If your vehicle cannot drive up onto the dolly, you may need to call for a tow truck. The tow truck is a specially designed rig that supports one end of the vehicle while dragging along the rest. The metal tire slings typically support the drive axles to avoid damaging the transmission. The operator secures your vehicle to the slings using a series of strong chains and straps that tightly grip the tires, suspension components and tow hooks on the frame. Trailer If you blow out your suspension components, especially the ball joints, it is no longer safe to attempt to roll your vehicle on its tires. Instead, you will need to call a tow company and have them send out a flatbed trailer to pick up your broken vehicle. The flatbed operator pulls disabled vehicles on and off the trailer using a powerful wench. The vehicle is secured to the trailer using chain binders and straps.  If your vehicle breaks down far from home, it is usually wise to use a flatbed over the other options since it completely eliminates the risk of further breakage. Choosing The Right Option Unless you are skilled in towing vehicles, it is always wise to call a professional to determine the best tow options for your situation. The type of damage your vehicle sustained greatly influences which tow options will work best. For example, vehicles damaged in an accident frequently need a flatbed, while you can often pull ones with engine trouble to...

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What To Do If You Witness A Hit-And-Run Accident

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Witnessing a crime can be difficult for anyone, and hit-and-run accidents can be particularly traumatizing to everyone involved. Lots of information is available to both victims and perpetrators of hit-and-run accidents, but little is available for those witnessed them. Here is a quick list of things you can do to help solve a hit-and-run case, catch the crook, and, in general, save the day. Be an Observant Witness If you witness a crime taking place, the best thing you can do is be an observant witness. Hit-and-run accidents are no exception to that rule, and your testimony as a witness is sometimes the only meaningful evidence in the case. Make sure you do not approach the perpetrator, as that can be risky. Otherwise, if you are present when the accident occurs, make special note of the following: Where the perpetrator and the victim were in relation to one another. Which direction was each individual traveling? Where did the perpetrator strike the victim? If the victim was on foot, where were they when they were struck and where did they end up? A description of the driver. Did they look old or young, male or female? Did you see hair color? Did you see any distinguishing marks? A description of the perpetrator’s vehicle. If you can, a make, model and color is most helpful, but even a description like “dark sedan” can be helpful. The license plate. Even a partial license plate number, coupled with a description of the car can be enough to solve the case sometimes. The direction the perpetrator went after the accident. As soon as you possibly can after the accident, write down a detailed account of everything you can remember. Memories often become fuzzy after witnessing an accident, and the more detail you can provide, the better off the police will be in their investigation. Offer Aid As soon as the perpetrator has left the scene of the crime, take an assessment of your own safety and offer aid if you can. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way, but if at all possible, approach the victim to see if they are alright. If they are injured, keep the following in mind: Do not move an unconscious person. He or she could have a spine injury, and moving them can potentially cause them great harm. If they are not bleeding profusely, are breathing and have a heart beat, but are otherwise unresponsive, direct traffic around them instead of offering first aid. If they are bleeding, apply pressure to the wound. Tourniquets are a last ditch effort, as they interrupt blood flow to the rest of the limb and can result in the need for an amputation. If the bleeding cannot be controlled with pressure, apply a tourniquet as tightly as you can. Call for assistance immediately, even before approaching the victim. Report their condition to the emergency dispatcher. Don’t be afraid to render appropriate first aid or CPR assistance. If you don’t know what to do, it’s possible that the 911 operator can coach you through administering appropriate aid.  Ongoing Involvement After you have given aid, given your report to police, and gotten back to business as usual, you may be needed to help gain a conviction. Witness testimony is often very important in hit-and-run cases,...

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